RubyCom designs and runs national PR campaigns in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as international projects, either as the lead agency or as part of a network. Over the last 15 years we have learned that successful reputation management is the sum of its different parts: an excellent company spokesperson, professionals in the PR department, well-practiced teams, procedures that run like clockwork and seamless, target-oriented implementation.

The Method

You can leverage the experience we have gained from countless campaigns and by monitoring their effects. It has resulted in a unique concept and thought leadership that facilitate sustainable results.

The unique combination of consulting and coaching gives you the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes, analyze causes and effects as well as implement changes along the way. This is applicable to public opinion as well as to the work in your department. Where a PR professional alone can no longer help you, our trainer gives you decisive tips, adding the desired effect to your speech, reaching each journalist in exactly the right spot, influencing decision makers and solving any problems in your team over the office grapevine.

We add skills to all levels of communication: verbal and non-verbal, personal and mass communication, through official and unofficial channels. We support you by using all facets of communication and changing perspectives.

The Effect

It is important to journalists and bloggers to cover the latest news of your company. Your public image is consistent, including press releases, broadcast interviews as well as keynotes at international conferences. You act quickly on unforeseen events and comment directly on the latest news. Your opinion is popular. You manipulate the opinion of your target audience in a positive way and create competitive edge.

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