RubyCom designs and runs national image campaigns in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as international projects, either as the lead PR agency or as part of a network. Over the last years, together with our international partners we have carefully built a network of PR agencies around the world, that helps us to deliver high quality international PR campaigns inside and outside Europe.


RubyCom is one of the founding partners of the Association of Communication Experts – The ACE. The association is an independent network of selected privately-owned public relations counseling firms that deliver high quality services. It operates in more than 25 countries.

ACE_a60The ACE was formed to serve national, international and multi-national clients needing full marketing and communications support from professionals who understand the language, culture and customs of the domestic arenas in which they operate.

Within the ACE, members exchange ideas and viewpoints to improve PR and marketing and develop and share best practice. We track trends and produce methodologies to improve communication strategy and tactics. We are committed to quality and accountability.


Members of The ACE operate in the following countries:


Australia, Austria
Czech Republic
Germany, Greece
India, Italy
Malta Island
Poland, Portugal
Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland
United Kingdom, U.S.A.

Download the profile here:


Profile The ACE, English



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