Our Team

Our Team consists of specialised German consultants and coaches that aim to get your company ahead. Their expertise and experience are the key drivers to create the critical advantage for you and your company.

Katharina Scheid

Lead Reputation Management

Katharina Scheid is the founder of RubyCom. She has been working as a PR consultant in agencies as well as enterprises for more than a decade and launched many players in the IT and telecommunications arena in the German market. Katharina specializes in the design of communication and creativity processes, using methods of the Art of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). As a certified NLP-coach (DVNLP und INLPTA) she concentrates on training and coaching leaders, helping them to change and find new solutions as well as developing excellent communication skills.

Torsten Wolf, Lead Business Coaching

Thorsten Wolf

Lead Business Coaching

Thorsten Wolf is a certified coach of the Art of Neurolinguistic Programming (DVNLP und INLPTA) as well as a computer scientist. At RubyCom, he is responsible for the development of new coaching and training methods and integrating new models into the standard repertoire. Thorsten is specialized in coaching interaction processes in enterprises and organizations.


Stefan Rudolph, Reputation Management

Stefan Rudolph

Reputation Management

Stefan Rudolph is a business journalist and copy writer. He has worked for the news agencies Dow Jones Newswires and vwd – Vereinigte Wirtschaftsdienste. At Hiller, Wüst & Partner, a PR agency, he developed and led the copy writing team. He focuses on economic and financial topics.


Michael Rinker

Reputation Management

Michael Rinker has specialized in PR for transport and mobility. He is very enthusiastic about sustainable concepts for mobility as well as technical topics. He gained his experience in internal communications and ghost writing working for corporates as well as agencies.


Sabine Zach, Business Coaching

Sabine Zach

Business Coaching

Sabine Zach-Lampson is a certified trainer of the Art of Neurolinguistic Programming (DVNLP und INLPTA) and specialized in body and mind relaxation. She helps people in difficult situations and develops individual programs to cope with stress. She is also specialized in time and conflict management as well as techniques for intrapersonal organization.


Anette Lemm

Business Coaching, Reputation Management

Annette Lemm is a certified coach of the Art of Neurolinguistic Programming (DVNLP und INLPTA), specialised in mental sports coaching. She is also a PR professional with many years of experience and focuses on product communication as well as corporate media.