The ability to react quickly and address the right topics using the right tonality demands not only a highly professional PR team, but also best practice processes as well as fluent communication.

We counsel and coach you and your team to achieve outstanding results.

The Method

Strategy, reporting, approvals, meetings – the peculiarity of PR processes is that in most cases they involve departments, that have little knowledge of PR success factors. In addition, an agency requires information and management.

When procedures come to a standstill, managers go it alone in PR matters or the agency is not working efficiently anymore, the usual culprit is the process behind it all. RubyCom helps you to draft new procedures in the case of a merger or acquisition as well as to optimize existing ones. We also provide guidance on choosing and managing agencies, campaign design and evaluation as well as the determination of approval and escalation procedures. Our analysis hits the mark without drowning you in mountains of process diagrams. With our help you initiate the changes that save time on your day-to-day business and are instrumental to success. At the end of the day, communication is not about quantity but rather quality.

The Effect

A legal department that releases comments and statements in just a few hours, motivates the PR department to use this tool willingly and regularly.

This way the company is positioned whenever the subject is important. For international campaigns, both the appropriate budget allocation and intensive communication with top management ensure that everybody is pulling in the same direction. In order to generate content for public relations, experts from the various departments are encouraged to participate. The objectives are well defined, and your PR department produces articles that deliver the core message.

RubyCom provides consulting and coaching on the following topics:

  • Campaign Management
  • Crisis Communications
  • Issue Management
  • Meeting Design
  • Approval Processes
  • PR Reporting
  • PR Skills
  • Editing

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