Escaping the headlines

A 1-click-hoster had been sued by GEMA, the German association representing the copyrights of composers, lyricists, and music publishers. The issue was broadly discussed in the media, not only in Germany and Switzerland, but also all over Europe, in  North and South America as well as Asia.

Together with RubyCom the company initiated a dialogue about the protection of intellectual property like music, video and games in the digital age and the effect the internet will have on consumers´ habits.  After one year, the tonality of the discussion had changed and was much more differentiated than during the previous years. Many media companies have changed their distribution model in due course, adopting to the new demands and habits of consumers in the internet age.

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Projecting one Image, whatever the issue

With the help of RubyCom SAP SI is now able to cover a broad spectrum of different topics with various company speakers.

Media and communications training for all Division Heads

SAP SI AG began operating in April 1997 as SAP Systems Integration GmbH. The company floated after just three years. Just one year later it was included in the Nemax 50. Its expansion was more than just international, with the result that direct communication with the media became an increasingly important part of efforts to promote its image and to inform public opinion. On top of this, the number of enquiries from the media was growing con‐ stantly. In order to ensure that the right person was available to comment on each issue and to avoid a short‐ age of trained speakers, SAP SI AG sought out a skilled and professional partner to whom it could entrust the job of preparing members of the executive board and heads of division for interviews, helping them to build up their range of communication skills and thus deal in the best possible way with many different interview situations.

The Objectives

  1. To communicate with those outside the company in a professional and consistent manner
  2. To prepare a number of speakers with the skills to represent the company in their own area of expertise
  3. To ensure that all communication reflects the company’s mission statement
  4. To help SAP SI acquire a reputation for professionalism in its contacts with the me‐ dia
  5. To set up ongoing workshops based on the company’s activities and to continuously build up individual skill sets

The Method

As a first step, RubyCom provided training for several members of the executive board in a series of one‐day courses. These covered:

Background information:

  • What is the role of public relations and what is the value of interviews as a means of corporate communication? How do journalists work?
  • Review of the German‐speaking media, distinction between trade and financial media
  • Introduction to different interview styles: question and answer and story interviews
  • Interview structure, ingredients of a good story
  • Tips and tricks for your visit to the publisher / broadcaster and for telephone and TV interviews.

Communications training:

  • Creating the right atmosphere for the interview
  • Question techniques
  • Representation systems and their impor‐ tance in establishing smooth and clear communications
  • Metaprogrammes – the key to ensuring motivation and information intake

 Practical training:

  • Preparing for a specific interview
  • Extending your range of communication skills
  • Interviews on camera with subsequent feedback

Heads of division were trained as a group in a number of sessions to improve the breadth and depth of their communication skills. This involved developing the techniques of pacing and leading and practical application of the metaprogrammes.

The Effect

SAP SI AG now has a number of designated media contacts with the skills to cover the entire spectrum of issues requiring comment. This means the company has a well‐prepared speaker for each specialist area and can avoid future shortages. By putting across a uniform message in combination with specialised content, the company can respond to the needs of different media and ensure that it presents a uniform image outside the organisation.

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Image and issues

After nine months of hard work RubyCom and Eyretel together created significant awareness for Eyretel. News and stories had been picked up about 50 times in the media.

Open the door to new markets

In many countries round the world voice and data recoding is a part of daily business. In Germany though, it is different. Call recording is widely applied to manage risks involved with regulatory compliance, but hardly any company uses it to monitor the quality of client interactions.

Since call recording is widely used to manage risk involved with regulatory compliance or the protection of public safety Eyretel was very well positioned in the finance industry and the public sector. But the company wanted to win new customers in other industry segments and explore new markets in central Europe.

The benefits of Customer Experience Management solutions exceed the advantages of call recording. Eyretel customers use them to train their employees, to optimize the hard‐ and software as well as the whole working environment.

In addition the system analyses the customer experiences as well as their needs. The results of the analyses help Eyretel ́s customers not only to improve the quality and efficiency of daily business but also the performance and commitment of their employees.

Even though these arguments did impress the management of potential Eyretel customers, they often feared that their agents would not accept the new system and expected difficulties with the unions. Some companies also thought that clients might not see the advantage of this innovative service.

For all these reasons Eyretel was looking for a competent PR‐ partner to minimize prejudice and communicate the benefits, opening the door to new markets. In addition Eyretel wanted to stress that the solution was capable of much more than just record calls: It helps to raise the quality of interactions as well as customer loyalty.

The Objectives

1. Generate awareness – Eyretel was as good as unknown in Germany

2. Raise the profile the customer – to position Eyretel as an international player and experienced company

3. Communication of facts – inform call center managers as well as end users about the benefits of call recording solutions

The Effect

After nine months of hard work we achieved a significant increase in awareness. News and stories about Eyretel had been picked up about 50 times in the media and after half a year Eyretel had established itself as a competent interview partner for the call center trade press community.

Through the placement of stories relating to topics that exceed pure call recording we managed to address new vertical markets.

The stories dealt with topics like quality management, customer relationship management, return on investment in call centers and voice over IP. Another campaign conducted together with Eyretel ́s competitors raised the topic Quality Management in the media.

Eyretel was bought by Witness Systems in March 2003.

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More than words

In collaboration with RubyCom, Capgemini developed a high quality comprehensive and web based presentation of the company within weeks.

Corporate Website on CD

A Corporate Presentation is more than just facts. The wording plays a large part in shaping the impression o readers: Is the organisation modern, pro-active and visionary for example? Moreover each idea, vision or service has to be explained using just 600 words (one screen) – forcing the editor to fit lots of content into few words.

Being present at the world ́s leading IT exhibition CeBIT, Capgemini needed an offline presentation of its full range of services, demonstrating expertise in various industrial sectors. Since the company offers a wide portfolio of consulting and services, the major objective was to present itself in a uniform, modern and active language that stressed Capgemini ́s thought leadership.


1. To demonstrate Capgemini ́s full range of expertise and capabilities in a uniform language and style
2. To create a flexible tool for further company presentations (to prospects, clients and employees)
3. To provide further information to stand visitors in an electronic format (brochure shop)
4. To create an automated rapid response tool for the corporate website.

The Method

  • Consulted on the required input and timeline to determine whether everything was feasible
  • Collected and screened the input material for five major themes, including the section About us, Human Resources, 11 industries, 11 alliances, 13 service lines and 15 major success stories as well as additional studies
  • Supervised timeline, milestones and budget
  • Conducted telephone interviews to produce input
  • Created approx. 250 websites in 10 weeks
    Created 24 additional pdf‐files for the rapid response tool
  • Ran the approval process with the content owners securing a uniform language and style

The Effect

A corporate presentation that meets all Capgemini ́s initial objectives:
1. High quality presentation at CeBIT
2. Rapid follow‐up at the show through the electric brochure shop and pdf‐files
3. Information tool for rapid response to enquiries at the electronic presentation of the company shown at all major Lufthansa terminals in Central Europe

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