Seth Godin: Nearly Impossible

Best selling author Seth Godin shares a couple of stories about making great products and building strong customer relationships. After a few remarks, he jumps in and answers any questions attendees have to throw at him. What results is valuable insights that all brands can learn from.


Seth Godin | Nearly Impossible 2013 from Nearly Impossible on Vimeo.

By Katharina Scheid

Katharina Scheid is the founder of RubyCom. She has been working as a PR consultant in agencies as well as enterprises for more than a decade and launched many players in the IT and telecommunications arena in the German market. Katharina specializes in the design of communication and creativity processes, using methods of the Art of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). As a certified NLP-coach (DVNLP und INLPTA) she concentrates on training and coaching leaders, helping them to change and find new solutions as well as developing excellent communication skills. While Katharina studied molecular biology she became fascinated by interactions in complex systems. On her blog, she writes about PR campaigns, leadership and recent developments in communications.