Social Media – Get involved or stay away?

Social media changes the communication culture in certain target groups, the way they gather information and prepare purchasing decisions. Many companies still do not know how best to deal with this new channel, in particular because it calls for a new culture of communication and because traditional strategies do not work.

In our strategy workshop, we help you to determine:

  • Whether getting involved in social media would benefit your company (target groups, advantages and disadvantages of social media etc.)
  • The departments for which social media might be a useful channel (for example: PR, customer services, sales; cost-benefit analysis)
  • The kind of resources you would need (one or more employees, outsourcing to a partner etc.)
  • Who in your company should be involved in your plans
  • How you can represent your corporate culture in social media (wording, topics etc.)

In addition to advice on social media strategies, we will also provide you with practical support in your day-to-day business, as well as in developing your digital discussion platforms and implementing campaigns. We will go online for you, analyse how your company is perceived and help your employees establish communication. We will formulate your social media guidelines and advise you on implementation issues. Your social media concept will thus become an integral part of your company’s overall communication strategy.

We develop all our services according to your individual requirements. Simply give us a call: +49 (0)6073-6889186 (Katharina Scheid).