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It´s loud outside.

But it is not necessarily the one who yells shrillest that is heard. Is your target group listening to you?

Reach your customers and potential buyers in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with the right words. Inform, surprise, explain and inspire. Make sure that your innovation is known, recognized and appreciated. 

We don’t understand everything down to the smallest detail, but we can phrase it in a way that draws the attention of your target group. With the right amount of emotion, jargon and wit.

We find what is special about your services and make sure that others know about it. The fascination will come from your product. 

Let´s talk!

That´s quicker than writing. You can reach us via:
– Phone: +49 171 19 20 475
– Skype: rubycom_pr
– Teams: Katharina Scheid
For talking via Citrix, Webex, Skype for Business etc. please send an email to k.scheid at rubycom.de


We do everything for you in which well chosen German words play a role.

  • Development of communication concepts
  • Internal and external communication management
  • Crisis Communication
  • Texts (press releases, professional articles, blog posts, websites, marketing campaigns, social media posts) and scripts for podcasts, videos, webinars and presentations
  • Studies from concept to questionnaire to evaluation
  • Communication trainings from the professional appearance at trade fairs, at the customer’s and in video to the communication with employees, customers and colleagues

About us

Technology is the only topic that interests us. 

From A for App to Z for Zero Trust. And everything in between, be it block chain, cloud, customer experience, defendable applications, edge, artificial intelligence and quantum computing or 5G, mini-trenching and low-latency networks. 

What sets us apart: 

  • Multiple qualifications – corporate communications plus neurolinguistic programming plus systemic consulting
  • Bilingualism – German and English
  • Working in all roles – as lead agency, national partner, trainer or content supplier

Who we work for: 

Established international companies with sales in the billions as well as start-ups that are still in their infancy. The main thing is, it´s about technology.


Interested in more information? Talk to us!

RubyCom Kommunikation
Katharina Scheid
Phone: +49 171 19 20 475
Email: k.scheid at rubycom.de
Teams: Katharina Scheid
Skype: rubcom_pr